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About Us

At Battery Express, we strive to provide the most professional and value-for-money car battery replacement service in Singapore. We are able to service a wide variety of Japanese/Korean/Continental vehicles, from passenger cars to commercial vehicles such as van and lorry.

From battery change to jump-start service, you can rest assured that Battery Express would deliver the highest quality service at the most attractive price.

Our transparent pricing ensures that customers know what they are paying for before they decide to engage our services. In doing so, we hope to gain our customers' trust and confidence, and enhance our reputation as a trusted and reliable battery replacement service.

You might ask: "Why so cheap?" It's because We import direct! We sell direct! No agents or middle-man to push up the final price. As such, we are able to give our valued customers the Best Value for Money deal in Singapore!

For emergencies or the fastest response time, please call/sms us at 8200 4155 / 9873 5145. As for other options, please take a look at our Contact Us page.

If you have the time, do check out our Facebook Page to read about our customers' reviews, and be kept informed regarding on-going promotions.

Our Car Battery Services

Why Choose Battery Express?

Stuck with a faulty or flat car battery? Do you hear a series of clicking sounds when you try to crank your car engine? If your battery is more than a year old, there is a high possibility that it might be due for a replacement. Battery Express' mission is simple – To offer our car battery replacement and jump-start services to car owners in need of assistance, and get them back on the road in the shortest time possible. Most importantly, we want to turn your frowns into smiles, without bursting a hole in your wallets!
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Swift, Island-wide Service

Our on-site service is available island-wide, and we are typically able to arrive within 30-45 minutes once confirmation is given, subject to traffic and weather conditions. Customers are always kept informed of any unexpected delays.
Upon arrival, we will take around 15-20 minutes to complete our task, ensuring that our customers can get back on the road again in the shortest time possible.

Excellent Quality, Long-Lasting Battery

ZR-ZURIC lead calcium maintenance free (MF) Batteries are manufactured using German technology, offering superior durability and performance at affordable prices.
With sufficient cranking power to rival most brands, ZR-ZURIC battery is an attractive alternative to informed car owners, who are focused on getting the best bang for their bucks, and not simply swayed by fancy brands and marketing.

Friendly & Experienced Mechanics

Equipped with a wealth of experience and the proper tools, our friendly mechanics are trained to carry out their work in the most effective and efficient manner. They are able to provide service to all Japanese, Korean and Continental vehicles, ranging from passenger cars to commercial vehicles such as van and lorry.
Feel free to chat with them should you have any questions or concerns. They will be more than willing to share their knowledge as well as useful vehicle maintenance tips with you!

Best Value for Money in Singapore

Being the sole importer and distributor of ZR-ZURIC battery, and selling directly to car owners, we are able to offer the Best Value and Best price for car battery in Singapore.
All our batteries come with a 12-mth warranty for petrol/passenger vehicles and 6-month warranty for diesel/commercial vehicles. For detailed warranty terms, take a look at our Battery Warranty page.
Why pay a higher price for something of comparable quality, which comes with same warranty period? Are you really paying extra for a higher-quality battery, or just the brand name itself?
Try ZR-ZURIC and you might just find the answers to your questions!

Clear & Transparent Communications

We take pride in our transparent pricings, and will always quote the recommended battery specifications and prices upfront, based on your vehicle make/model. We are clear and straight-forward in our delivery of information, because the less time spent on the phone, the faster we could reach you!
See our Step-by-Step Guide for more details.

5 Star Reviews & Ratings

Check out all the positive feedbacks and ratings on our Facebook Page and Carousell Read details of what our many customers say about us, and why they have rated us 5 out of 5 stars. In fact , all Battery Express customers are happy to have found our service, and some have even recommended us to their family and friends as their preferred choice of Onsite Car Battery Replacement service Provider in Singapore!

Our Testimonials

Fast response. Good knowledge.

Awesome service! Super Fast! Recommended!

Cheap and efficient service. Highly recommended

Sure return back…
Friendly staff…

Fast and efficient.All I can 2 thumbs up! Thanks guys!

Great service and super friendly! Highly recommended!

Responsive, fast service. Very friendly people

Awesome service!! Fast and efficient!! Cheap as well..!!

Truly Singapore style. No hidden charge! Net net means net net.

Friendly and quick response. Reasonable price. Thanks for the excellent services.

Fast and efficient. Super friendly and willing to help. Giving us helpful tips about car. Surely comeback to them again.

Jimmy is very efficient and helpful. He helped me with a detailed check of my car to see if everything is alright. Thanks Jimmy!

Batt was total flat. Called and enquiry. Fast response and efficient. Most Importantly the price was affordable even during PH. Awesome Services. Highly Reconmended.

Promptly response to my enquiries before deciding to engage their services. Friendly and excellent customer services on site. While replacing my battery, they also explains the possible reasons for my damage battery. Most important is the reasonable price they offered (got freebies too)

Worth the price. The guys even go extra mile to help me fix my battery top cover. Great service! Will recommend to my friends.

I needed a car battery replacement and didnt want to pay too high a price. All i needed was to cash and carry battery and do the replacement myself. Battery Express offered me an excellent deal and even included a trade in price for my old battery. And I was even issued a receipt as proof of warranty. Now that is service.


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