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• On-Site Battery Replacement

(Urgent or By Appointment)

Unable to start your car? Do you hear any clicking noises when you crank the engine?If your car battery is over one year old, there’s a high possibility that your car battery is flat/drained.

Simply call Battery Express at: 8200 4155 / 9873 5145, for our swift and reliable On-Site Car Battery Replacement Service, available from $90 onwards!

No frills! No hidden costs! The price which is quoted over the phone would be exactly what you’ll be paying.

Battery Express aims to reach you within 30-45 minutes, and complete our job within 15 minutes, subject to traffic and weather conditions.

• In-House Battery Replacement

(Non-Urgent and By Appointment Only)

In-House Battery Replacement is an option for customers, who do not require our immediate assistance. If your car battery has been showing warning signs, you could take the initiative to replace it, and not risk having your plans ruined by a dead car battery.

Contact Battery Express at: 8200 4155 / 9873 5145, to book an appointment at your own convenience, for our In-House Battery Replacement service, available from $70 onwards.

Battery Express aims to complete our job within 15 minutes, subject to weather conditions.

• Jump-Start / Battery- Testing Service

If your car battery is drained because you had accidentally left your car headlights or electronic gadgets on while the engine is off, Battery Express can assist you with our Jump-Start / Battery-Testing service.

We carry out our Jump-Start service using high-quality jump start cables and have multiple starting batteries of varying amp-hours and cranking power starting battery, to suit the needs of different vehicles.

In addition, we would also examine the current state of your battery and alternator, using our professional battery analyser, in order to determine if they are in good working conditions.

This is important because a bad battery or alternator would likely cause your vehicle to stall again in the very near future, and we don’t want that to happen to you! After all, prevention is better than cure.