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Step by Step


• Give us a call at 8200 4155 or email us at enquiry@battexpress.com

Car Make / Model & Location

• Let us know your car make/model: (E.G) “Toyota Vios, 1.3cc”

• Let us know whether you require in-house or onsite installation

• For in-house installation, we would inform you of the location available.

• For onsite installation, please let us know your general location. For example, Jurong, Yishun, City Hall orPasirRis etc.

Quotation & Confirmation

• We would recommend you the battery size which best suits your car. Prices would then be quoted accordingly.

• Upon your agreement with the prices,we would send you a confirmation message via SMS or Whatsapp.

• Please reply us with the following details

Exact Location (E.g. YishunBlk 737 open air carpark. Postal Code 760001.) If you are unsure of your location please let us know your general area and whether there are any landmarks in the vicinity.

Car model, Car colour and Car License Plate No. (You may also send us a photo of your car instead)

• Upon receiving the required details, we will dispatch our mechanic to your location, who would inform you again upon arrival.

• Subject to traffic conditions, our mechanic would typically arrive within 30 – 45 min.

Installation of Car battery

• First, we would check the condition of your current battery using our battery analyserto verify that your battery is faulty.

• If required, we would utilise a memory saver to preserve the computer settings of your car. (Usually only necessary for continental cars.)

• We would remove the old car battery and install our new car battery.

• Start the engine to test your car is running and check that the alternator is working fine and charging the battery

• Collect the old car battery and arrange forits proper disposal.


• Prices quoted are NETT. No GST! No Hidden Costs!

• A receipt would be issued upon payment. It also acts as your warranty card and is required for the purpose of warranty claim.

• We accept Cash / Pay Now Bank transfer payment.